Troubleshooting tips and fixes for common WordPress issues.

Add a WordPress Nonce to Log Out menu links to prevent ‘Do you really want to log out?’ message

How to add a Log Out link to your WordPress menus without encountering the ‘Do you really want to log out?’ message.

Assign a custom template to one or more post types

When you create a custom template in WordPress it will be available only to Pages by default. With this simple snippet, you can assign templates to one or more post types of your choice.

Visual editor not loading on a site loaded through Cloudfront or other proxy services

If your site sits behind a proxy service such as Cloudfront, you may find the Visual editor of TinyMCE is not available.

“Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page” displaying in WP Admin

After a site migration or after certain types of maintenance, you may see this warning when attempting to access wp-admin.