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Barebones is a lightweight and skeletal WordPress boilerplate theme with powerful features to encourage rapid development.

Currently 3.0.0


True to its name, barebones is designed to give you a streamlined starting point when developing custom WordPress themes without any of the bloat. Spend less time stripping back existing styles and more time writing bespoke code.


With an intuitive grid system and reliance on variables to control common elements such as fonts, breakpoints and sizing, barebones helps you save time on repetitive tasks each time you start a new project.


From helper classes to placeholder code for common elements such as shortcodes and TinyMCE style formats, barebones ensures you spend less searching for frequently used code snippets on each unique project. 

Get started

Install the barebones installer to create new WordPress projects with a single command.

Get Started


Hints, tips and code snippets for professional WordPress developers working on fully custom builds or with our boilerplate theme.